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Welcome to The LifeGrooming Company 

Our mission is to be a voice of influence in this world, that brings truth into perspective.


Meet Your Coach - J. Kyle

Certified Identity & Mentor Coach

Since my teenage years I've always wanted to find away to help others.. and in some way, shape, or form, I did. But a lil over a decade ago I was in need of help myself. I was completely lost. Lost in life, purpose and in my identity. Through the years I struggled to find my way, I was looking for purpose but only found problems. Eventually I become suicidal and hopeless, not knowing know where to go or who to turn to.


 In early 2019, after a failed suicide attempt and a series of unfortunate life experiences, God lead me on a journey of inner healing that would first require me to uproot myself from all I ever knew in upstate NY, and relocate to a place I never knew, (the DFW area of Texas). With a new job, in a new state, I soon learned that one of the perks of this job was free professional therapy. I never had therapy before so I jump at the opportunity, and man... it was worth it!! I gained so much progress and inner healing. A few years later, I was blessed with the opportunity to receive free professional coaching, I never had professional coaching before, so yeah, I jumped on that too. I gained even more progress and inner healing. God had used therapy and coaching to guide and help me find my identity and purpose. Ever since then, that desire to help others was reborn but now with deeper meaning and impact.

Inspired by the growth and positive changes in my own life, I decided I wanted to become a life coach. In March of 2022, I started that adventure by enrolling in school. Toward the end of that same year, I graduated from the Coaching Trading Alliance, (a nationally recognized & accredited program by the International Coaching Federation) with my CTACC coaching accreditation & certification.


Today, as a Certified Identity & Mentor Coach, my mission and passion is to guide others along, just as I was, in their quest of gaining a clear vision and understanding of who they are and helping them acquire the intangible tools they'll need in order to become who they were always meant to be.


So... now that you know about me, I'd like to learn about you.


Click the "Get in Touch" button below so you and I can partner up and walk together in your journey of identity and purpose. I want to help you see your true self, so you can be your true self.


From the first few minutes of the session, I can tell that Justin was committed to helping me both meet goals and for my overall growth in self-awareness. The tone was light-hearted and the conversation was driven with purpose. 


I believe his ability to listen, ask thought provoking questions and provide positive reinforcement are just a few of his strengths. He helped me discover answers comfortably and authentically. 


It was such a wonderful experience and I highly recommend sessions with Justin. He is giving people the opportunity to invest in themselves! 

Star Whitaker

Mountain Cliff Hiker

“The greatest question ever asked is... why?”

J. Kyle Owens

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