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Why Won't He Talk?!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The Loud Truth About His Silence

For too long, I’ve heard the cry of woman who complain about the lack of communication from their male counterparts. These include fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, boyfriends, husbands… and ex’s.

I’ve heard other men promote the propaganda of masculine silence as if its a moral law or code that states that “we men just don’t like to talk or don’t have anything to say”, and while I know that there is enough factual evidence to prove these proclamations, the reality is that this accepted “code of silence” could be no further from the truth.

In all reality, men love to talk and to communicate… don’t believe me? Go spend a day in the barbershop or go have a drink at a local sports bar during a big sporting event and you’ll see nothing but men talking… a lot!… And to a degree… non stop… back and forth… no arguments… Just conversation!

In large cases most of the men in your life were natural talkers… as children. No too often will you ever find an adolescent boy holding on to silence… just the thought of his favorite superhero, sports team or his sheer imagination alone will cause that boy to talk so much that his own brain can’t even keep up with his mouth, causing him (at times) to speak carelessly and randomly about the oddest of things at perfectly the wrong time like during a class in school or in church while the preaching is giving a sermon.

But somewhere along the lines, as young boys evolve into young men, teenagers and male adults… something happens that imprisons his innate ability & desire to verbally communicate with the world around him.

So why is it that we men are widely and often depicted as minimal to non-communicative beings in other spaces?! Well the answer is easy! It boils down to 2 simple factors…

Comfort & Safety!

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